Growing Profits, Partnerships & People
Jacmel Partners invests in private companies and helps them reach a higher growth trajectory through additional capital, operational insights, acquisitions, a broad network of relationships, and an impact framework that benefits employees, families and communities.

The Jacmel Approach



Serve as a trusted partner to multi-generational family companies. Build on the founder’s vision and business DNA through meaningful long-term professional and personal relationships. Encourage diversity of thought among management and help founders scale their companies, leaving a lasting legacy.



Partner with leading financial institutions to drive growth within private companies. Collaborate with investors who understand the importance of driving high company growth as well as social impact.



Improve the wellbeing of families through wealth creation and impact initiatives. Invest in employee skill building, access to education, and diversity and inclusion efforts. Focus on people-centric companies, and treat them as the key to future success.

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Who We Are
How We Deliver Value

Founded in 2015, Jacmel Partners is a people-centric private investment firm targeting middle market companies with a focus on combining traditional private equity best practices with low-cost, high-impact strategies that promote growth while also benefiting employees and their communities. As part of its investment philosophy, Jacmel targets asset-lite, business services companies that operate in fragmented industries. By leveraging technology,implementing operational improvements, and making strategic platform acquisitions, Jacmel has proven its capability to enhance value within its portfolio companies  while implementing a range of inclusive economy initiatives, including workforce development, increased Board representation of BIPOC leaders, and educational benefits for employees. Jacmel’s investors and partners understand the power of melding management expertise and social impact as a means for accelerated growth.

We work closely with family-owned and owner-operated businesses that can scale through improved planning, employee incentives, acquisitions, and operational improvements using systems, technology and strategic initiatives.

We recognize there are a growing number of companies in the lower middle market that have achieved success, yet are navigating a competitive landscape or a multi-generational transition.