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People are power. At Jacmel, we understand the value embedded within our people-centric portfolio companies and the clear link between human capital development and company growth. After making an investment, we evaluate impact initiatives geared towards improving the well-being of each specific portfolio company, their employees, and their families. 

Through our Office of Impact framework, developed with our partners at CapEQ, portfolio company staff—and subsequently portfolio companies as a whole—benefit from a range of inclusive economic initiatives, including but not limited to: employee skill building, implementing protocol to create wealth creation, working to constantly improve employee access to educational opportunities, and actively increasing the implementation of diversity and inclusion efforts. Initiatives are selected by the particular needs of each company, which naturally vary based on structure, sector focus, geographic footprint, and more. Our tailored approach to enhancing wealth creation, economic mobility, and equity not only improves skills and retention, but we believe also positively influences the ways in which companies operate within their communities.

Office of Impact Initiatives


Economic Mobility




Wealth Creation

Workforce development. Hiring military service members and returning citizens.

Diversity. Recruiting and developing BIPOC executives.

Option Pool. Wealth sharing via stock options to non-executive staff.

Education. Providing college classes and professional training for employees.

Fair Pay. Addressing institutional bias in pay.

Career opportunities. Creating advancement opportunities for all employees.

Benefits. Providing free vision and dental for all employees.